Prices and services for window tints

For lovers of safety, comfort and beauty tinted windows are really luxurious things. For some drivers it is very important  to find out what is the price to make their car windows tinted .Prices start from 40$ at the very cheap place and go up to 400. The price, of course, depends on the car mark, tape or window shape.


Window tinting prices

How much does window tinting cost?According to some laws, the vehicle owner will be fined if the windows are tinted maximally ( 90 percent and more) . So, it is very important to know how to apply or remove the tint tape as you don’t know how the laws of your country about car tints might change. As it is known,the tinted windows have no problem according to the laws when it comes to rear windows of the vehicle. In most countries, it is most common to apply 60 or 40% transparent tints on the other windows of the car.If you want to remove tints from the both sides, then it will cost 15$ per glass in the windshield, obviously, prices may vary according to some countries and government regulations. This price is average when somebody wants to remove tints but when cars are sold with tinted windows made from the factory, then the price might rise.
A tinted car window, the value of which depends on the volume of work at the moment is a real luxury for most of drivers.Tinted windows are really a useful service as they create a special comfort inside the car, and protect the dashboard from sunlight and harmful UV rays coming directly from the sun. it is notable that if vehicles are covered by a factory special tape, removal can be a little bit hard. However, there are some vehicles which have special dark glasses. In this case, it is technically impossible to remove the cover of the window- you have to change the glass itself. The owner will have to replace the windows – it might cost from100$ up to 600$ as this issue is related to glass quality, technical matters and shaping.
The price also depends on the car model and manufacturer of the windshield. For example there are different prices for Audi A3, A4, A5 , BMW E 90, E 60,E65 or MERCEDES W211, W220 or W 221.
To be more specific let’s talk about the imaginary car service. Let’s think that the company’s specialists perform car window tinting  at a high professional level. As we all know, tinting price depends on the size and type and quality of the selected vehicle film. You should know that masters of the company are always aware of the latest trends in automotive fashion as well as different car tinting, special style and consistent quality. Ask them for advice or other customers for opinion who have used these services .it will definitely demonstrate a responsible approach from specialists towards your vehicle.

Once you have imagined the centre, let’s get down on the classes of cars to classify the prices for the models. Let’s start from the expensive ones. Executive class cars like BMW X-5, BMW 5, BMW 7,new models of Lexus Passat B6, Audi A6, A8, Phaeton and others cost very expensive and their tinting films are not cheap. After these models, come Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrol, Mersedes ML ,Peugeot 407, BMW 3, Honda CRV, Toyota RAV 4bSuzuki Vitara, mini-vans like Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan, Mitsbishi Grandis, Opel Zapfira, cars from Executive Class of 2006 like Citroen C5, Nissan Teana, Maxima, VW Passat B6, Toyota Camry. The cheapest services are for cars like Middle class cars (Skoda Octavia, VW Bora, Mitsubishi Lancer,  Honda Civic, Sitroen C4, Nissan Primerai), Domestic cars and Cars of small class like Opel Corsa, Renault Clio.

In addition to this, the price of the service depends on the service center- some of them offer additional bonuses when you use their service. There are services where you pick your safety- the staff corporate with you to do the best for your car. Furthermore, when tinting or removing tints from windows, the price includes a full range of services. Some centers offer you to determine the cost of tinting car over the phone to clarify the order and avoid some misunderstandings.

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