2024 Non-Locality BAH Rates: BAH Type II, Partial BAH and BAH Differential

The military provides service members with either military housing or a housing allowance, referred to as basic allowance for housing, or BAH. See the 2024 rates for RC/T, BAH, partial BAH and differential BAH here.
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The military provides service members with either military housing or a housing allowance, referred to as basic allowance for housing, or BAH.

Standard BAH rates are based on the service member’s geographic duty location, pay grade and dependency status (with dependents or without dependents). The government assesses the rent and utility costs for over 300 different military housing areas to come up with rates for each location in the United States.

However, some BAH rates are not tied to location. These include:

  • BAH RC/T (also referred to as BAH Reserve, BAH transit, BAH type II or BAH non-locality)
  • Partial BAH
  • BAH differential, or BAH-DIFF

The rates for these different types of BAH can be found below, with an explanation for each of these below the BAH rate table.

Here are the 2024 non-locality BAH rates, effective starting January 1, 2024.

2024 Non-Locality BAH Rates

Effective 1 January 2024

Pay Grade Partial BAH RC/T* Without Dependents BAH RC/T* With Dependents Differential*
0-10 $ 50.70 $ 2,244.90 $ 2,762.40 $ 429.30
O-9 $ 50.70 $ 2,244.90 $ 2,762.40 $ 429.30
O-8 $ 50.70 $ 2,244.90 $ 2,762.40 $ 429.30
0-7 $ 50.70 $ 2,244.90 $ 2,762.40 $ 429.30
O-6 $ 39.60 $ 2,058.60 $ 2,486.40 $ 364.80
0-5 $ 33.00 $ 1,982.40 $ 2,396.70 $ 352.50
O-4 $ 26.70 $ 1,836.60 $ 2,112.30 $ 235.20
O-3 $ 22.20 $ 1,473.00 $ 1,747.80 $ 234.90
O-2 $ 17.70 $ 1,166.70 $ 1,491.30 $ 276.90
0-1 $ 13.20 $ 1,001.70 $ 1,335.00 $ 299.10
03E $ 22.20 $ 1,589.70 $ 1,878.30 $ 245.40
02E $ 17.70 $ 1,351.80 $ 1,695.30 $ 293.70
01E $ 13.20 $ 1,175.70 $ 1,566.90 $ 344.70
W-5 $ 25.20 $ 1,866.90 $ 2,040.00 $ 146.70
W-4 $ 25.20 $ 1,657.50 $ 1,870.20 $ 180.90
W-3 $ 20.70 $ 1,393.50 $ 1,714.20 $ 272.40
W-2 $ 15.90 $ 1,236.90 $ 1,575.00 $ 288.00
W-1 $ 13.80 $ 1,037.10 $ 1,363.50 $ 279.00
E-9 $ 18.60 $ 1,360.50 $ 1.794.60 $ 368.10
E-8 LA $ 15.30 $ 1,250.70 $ 1,655.10 $ 345.00
E-7 $ 12.00 $ 1,152.00 $ 1,535.70 $ 399.30
E-6 $ 9.90 $ 1,064.70 $ 1,419.30 $ 386.40
E-5 $ 8.70 $ 958.20 $ 1,277.40 $ 328.50
E-4 $ 8.10 $ 833.40 $ 1,110.00 $ 283.80
E-3 $ 7.80 $ 774.30 $ 1,032.00 $ 232.80
E-2 $ 7.20 $ 738.60 $ 983.70 $ 311.10
E-1 $ 6.90 $ 738.60 $ 983.70 $ 368.10
*BAH RC/Transit rates are adjusted by the average change in housing costs; BAH-DIFF rates are adjusted by the amount of the basic pay raise. BAH Partial rates are constant.

2023 Non-Locality BAH Rates

Here are the 2023 non-locality BAH rates effective starting Jan. 1, 2023.

Pay GradePartial BAHBAH RC/T Without DependentsBAH RC/T With DependentsBAH Differential

The U.S. Department of Defense released 2023’s BAH rates on Dec. 14, 2022 after a Sept. 2022 memo from Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III directed the Pentatgon to evaluate proposed 2023 BAH increases “to ensure that calculations reflect the unusually dynamic fluctuations in the housing market.”

*BAH RC/Transit rates are adjusted by the average change in housing costs; BAH-DIFF rates are adjusted by the amount of the basic pay raise.

Understanding the Different Types of Non-Locality BAH

As you can see from the above rate chart, there are three types of non-locality BAH.

  • BAH RC/T
  • Partial BAH
  • BAH differential, or BAH-DIFF

BAH RC/T (or BAH Type II)

BAH RC/T stands for BAH Reserve component/transient. Depending on which branch of service you are in, you may also see it referred to as BAH Reserve, BAH transit, BAH type II or BAH non-locality.

The BAH rate is calculated based on the national average for housing and does not change based on your location. BAH RC/T rates are adjusted each year based on the average change in housing costs.

It is given to members of the Guard and Reserves who are activated for less than 30 days, as well as those who are PCSing or in transition from a duty location that does not have a prior BAH rate (such as moving from overseas).

Guard and Reserve members who are activated for more than 30 days are given the full BAH rate for their rank, location and dependent status.

Partial BAH

Partial BAH is given to service members who live in government quarters and do not have dependents. Partial BAH is only designed to offset incidental expenses.

BAH Differential

Service members who are assigned to on-base living quarters and pay child support are authorized BAH differential, or BAH-DIFF. Service members are not entitled to BAH-DIFF if the monthly rate of that child support is less than the BAH-Diff.

Service members who live off base and pay child support are authorized the BAH with dependents rate.

BAH-DIFF rates are adjusted annually based on the amount of the basic pay raise.

Understanding BAH With and Without Dependents Rates

The baseline BAH rate is listed for “without dependents.”

Members who have dependents (spouse, child(ren), or parent(s)) living with them are eligible for the BAH with dependents rate. The BAH with dependents rate is the same regardless of the number of dependents one has.

Dual military couples have slightly different rules. If the service members do not have any additional dependents, then both members will receive the BAH without dependents rate. If they have additional dependents, then the higher-ranking member will receive the with dependents rate and the lower-ranking member will receive the without dependents rate.

Additional Notes

  • Members stationed overseas are eligible for an overseas housing allowance (OHA). This is similar to BAH, but only available to members stationed overseas or in U.S. protectorates.
  • These listed BAH rates apply to all branches of the military, including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Space Force and the Reserves Components.

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  1. Jenn in NC says

    So which BAH do they mean when your orders say: Member may be entitled to BAH I. Also I’ve seen orders say: Member is entitled to BAS type S. What are these two and how do I know what the rate on them is?

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