How much does a synthetic oil change cost?

A synthetic oil change is commonly recommended in times when a vehicle needs to change motor oil. Most cars require motor oil change after 3,000 miles while some need their oil changed after 7,000 miles.  For best results, a car’s manual should be consulted.  Synthetic oil is typically more expensive compared with regular oil change, but can last longer and provides more benefits for the vehicle.  Synthetic oil is known to last longer as well as to work at higher temperatures.  There are some people who claim that synthetic oil is better for the environment than conventional motor oil.  While this is true in on aspect, it is not due to the ingredients in synthetic being any less harmful.  The reason that this statement can be made is that since synthetic oil needs to be changes less often, it will not have to be disposed of as often as convention oil.

How much does it cost?

On average, using synthetic oil will add another $5-$10 per quart on top of the original oil change price.  Depending on the number of quarts used, most changes will be around $35 to $65.

The service chain Pep Boys offers two synthetic oil change packages.  The Premium Plus Pennzoil Platinum / Castrol Edge Synthetic Oil change service package costs $59.99 and includes the following: up to 5 quarts of Pennzoil Platinum or Castrol Edge synthetic motor oil; oil filter; optional tire rotation, tread depth and tire pressure check; and, free multi-point inspection.  The second package, Mobil1 Synthetic Oil Change service package costs $69.99 and includes up to 5 quarts Mobil1 synthetic motor oil; oil filter; optional tire rotation, tread depth, and tire pressure check; and, free multi-роint inspection.

At Georgia Square Collision, oil change for a 4- to 6-cylinder engine up to 5 quarts cost $29.95 and an 8-cylinder engine up to 7 quarts cost $35.95. For a synthetic oil change, add $4.95 per quart.

What is going to be included?

Synthetic oil is composed of chemicals or chemically modified petroleum and is  sometimes manufactured using raw materials that reduce polluting effects on the environment.  A synthetic oil change minimizes oil consumption, improves engine protection during cold starts, helps prevent oil breakdown, provides superior wear protection in high temperatures, and maximizes fuel economy.  Depending on the service chain, a synthetic oil change service includes labor, purchase of synthetic oil, supplies, and sales tax, depending on location.  The service may also include a lube and filter change as well as a multi-point inspection to ensure the car’s  efficiency.

Aside from changing the oil, the mechanic should lubricate the chassis, top off the power steering fluid, windshield wash and inflate the tires to the recommended PSI.  A multi-point inspection will include visualization of the brakes, brake fluid levels, air filter, belts, wiper blades and tires.

What are the extra costs?

Service centers may charge extra for other services that can be done together with an oil change such as tire rotation and tire balance.  Tire rotation can cost $10 to $30 while tire balance can cost $30.

A small shop charge, which can be up to $5, may be applied to the bill.

Tips to know:

Compared with conventional oil, synthetic oil typically lasts up to 20,000 miles, depending on the vehicle, location, and driving habits.  In some cases, conventional oil has been changed about 4 or 5 times over that similar distance.

Synthetic oil does not contain crude oil, making it environmentally safe.  Conventional motor oil, on the other hand, contains paraffin, which causes conventional oil to thicken, especially during colder settings.  Regular oil may also contain sulfur and nitrogen, which can cause sludge to form.

Tire rotation and balancing are advised by a number of manufacturers to be performed simultaneously with an oil change.  The reason is that these two procedures help to extend the lifespan of the tires, bearings, and shocks.  They also enhance the quality of the ride.

This type of oil is known to reduce engine wear and tear during the colder months.  A synthetic oil change would be a great idea if you live in the northern states.

How can I save money?

Take advantage of synthetic oil change coupons online.  Many name brand oil change companies have coupons on their website.  The site provides a list of service centers offering discounts and promotions on synthetic oil change.

Consider getting synthetic oil change service at an independent auto shop rather than at a dealership.  Most shops charge lower rate for the particular service.  National retail chains are also usually less costly and are more likely to provide discounts on their services.

The least expensive way for a change oil task is by doing it yourself.  You will usually just need to purchase synthetic oil, saving you on labor costs. When shopping around for synthetic oil, look out for stores offering the item for sale.  Also, you can take the old oil and drop it off at your local auto parts store and they will dispose of it for you.

Always consider the local independent shops.  Dealerships tend to be the on higher end when it comes to maintenance prices.

While a synthetic oil change may be more expensive up front, it will end up saving you money in the long run.

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