Jiffy Lube offers a wide range of coupons which can be redeemed any location across the nation. Their regular promotions and coupons are constantly helping

customers to increase their savings. For added convenience, customers have the option of printing Jiffy Lube coupons directly from their website. Coupons can also be emailed to loved ones as a way of sharing the love and boosting their savings as well!

The Jiffy Lube Signature Service oil change coupon gives customers the gift of a $5.00 discount. The Signature Service is far more than just a regular oil change; it is a highly coveted service which is needed to breathe new life into your vehicle. It prevents any mechanical mishaps and keeps your vehicle’s performance up to par by expansively assessing your vehicle and its needs; it involves checking, changing, inspecting, flushing, filling and cleaning your vehicle’s fundamental systems.

Jiffy lube oil change coupon
Jiffy lube oil change coupon

Some locations offer coupons for up to $10.00 off. Motor vehicle owners who use conventional oils in their vehicles can take advantage of the Signature Service oil change with Conventional Oil. This coupon will save them a whopping $8.00. Some states offer a $12 discount for newer cars that have less than 15,000 miles.

There is also a coupon which offers $15.00 off Full Synthetic, Synthetic Blend or High Mileage oil change. High mileage oils are highly recommended for vehicles with over 75,000 miles to ensure the upkeep of the engine, as well as the vehicles’ overall performance and maintenance. Full synthetic oils provide your vehicle with the highest level of protection against extreme temperature and improve its fuel usage and performance. Like the Full Synthetic oil, the Synthetic Blend improves the vehicles performance and protects it from the negative effects of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Unfortunately, this coupon is only redeemable by itself. That is, it cannot be used in tandem with any other offers or markdowns.
The Super Saver Package coupon allows customers to save $50.00 and it to merely an oil change coupon. This coupon package also includes tire rotations, coolant fluid exchange and the replacement of air filters. One restriction associated with this coupon deal is that conventional oil users can only use this coupon to obtain 5 quarts of oil.

Synthetic oil change coupons are also available for the low price of $19.99. The Pennzoil Oil Change coupon is one of Jiffy Lube’s most popular coupons. As the name suggests, this customer favorite provides $10.00 off Pennzoil oil changes.
Jiffy Lube’s oil change coupons are lifesavers, given today’s sky-high cost for oil changes. The coupons allow customers to purchase high quality oils at the cheapest rates even though oil change costs vary from location to location. To get the correct prices and coupons for your area, simply visit Jiffy Lube online and enter your location information. From there, you can easily email or download and print the coupons and take advantage of the amazing price deals that Jiffy Lube has to offer!

Keeping our vehicles in top shape is a headache for most of us. Having to perform routine checks and then take action on them are actions that to most of us are better left undone as they could be messy and time-consuming. Most of us do not like messy except for a few that love to tinker with stuff.
The messiest of all car maintenance is definitely the ‘oil change’. Even if it isn’t for some it definitely ranks ‘up there’ for all.Oil Change Specials

Changing oils – brakes, engine, and steering oils etc come with their own perks and it takes someone with the expertise to effortlessly get these done. As getting them done is just one facet which most will be glad to get out of the way, the second part is where most cringe; the high cost of having an oil change.

Our vehicles and machines cannot run in top shape if they’re not serviced as often as possible (the usual suspects – oil change, oil filter change, tire rotation etc). However, with the high costs of getting these done, most are reduced to erratic vehicle maintenance window.

This is where oil change deals and specials come to play.

Oil change deals are offered by certified auto technicians in order to offer value-added services at a much lower price to the actual market price. These oil change specials are meant to achieve two things namely; get more customers to the auto-technicians and at the same time, offer premium services at the fraction of the original cost. This is a win-win situation as both sides get their desires met – more clients for the technicians, and cheaper, quality vehicle maintenance for the vehicle owners.

Some of these auto-workshops give out these special oil change deals under different names. The most common are through the use of coupons which are basically electronic or physical pieces of paper which the vehicle owners present at the auto-technicians’ workshop. These ‘admit’ the owners’ vehicles into the deals program on offer by the auto workshops.

Other promotion types include but aren’t limited to oil change deals, referral systems, promotional offers and more.

These oil change deals could also be used as bait through which a bigger value-adding service can then be introduced to the current and prospective clients.

However you see it, oil change deals solve a common problem – saving funds on vehicle maintenance, and it is good thinking for every vehicle user to take advantage of them.